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Scenic limestone cliffs dominate the scenery of the north-eastern shore of the "Überlinger See" (~ "Lake of Überlingen", a major part of the Lake of Constance). This is where "Villa Alpenblick" is situated in a serene neighbourhood, surrounded by an idyllic garden. From here you will have a wonderful panoramic view on the lake and -on days with good visibility- on the majestic Alps. Owing to local weather systems, their snow covered mountain tops sometimes seem very close, almost within a hand's reach, other times they remain far away, as a blue silhouette on the horizon.

About 500 - 1000 m away from the house you will find:

  • The picturesque downtown area of the village of Sipplingen

  • Shopping facilities and restaurants

  • The lakeshore/beach

  • Two harbours and charter facilities for motor and sailing yachts as well as a certified sailing school

  • Landing pier of the lake's ferries ("Bodenseeflotte")

2 golf courses nearby.