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The lake

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  Interesting links:
Bodensee @ LivingLakes: Living Lakes is an international network and partnership whose mission is to enhance the protection, restoration and rehabilitation of lakes, wetlands, other freshwater bodies of the world and their catchment areas. Provides a good rundown on general characteristics and history of the lake.

Sipplingen (German only): Website of the village of Sipplingen with some nice pictures a range of valuable information for visitors, particularly on hiking and biking trails.

Überlingen: A picturesque city with a long history, Überlingen is only 3 kilometres away and is easily reached by bus, train, ferry, car or bike. The city offers great opportunities for shopping and leisure including a thermal bath. 

Local weather in Überlingen: Live-Cam 

Pfahlbauten (German only): An exceptional open-air museum with reconstructions of unique lake-dwellings originally built at the Lake of Constance during the stone and bronze ages (4000-850 BC)

Kulturraum EUREGIO Bodensee (German only): Directory containing information about cultural events, music, literature, art, cinema and theatre in the cities and districts around the Lake of Constance (Liechtenstein and parts of the countries Austria, Germany and Switzerland). There is also information about local clubs and societies, sports, politics and social issues.

Museen und Schlösser Euregio Bodensee e.V.  (German only): Information on the various museums around the lake.